We All Can Be Heroes

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. ~Christopher Reeve

In this hate-filled, sin-infested, fear-imprisoning world, everyone, at some point in time, needs inspiration to believe in hope. Whether it be a lost sinner, joyless sufferer of adversity, another disabled person, or those seeking recovery, it’s all the same: people need the freedom found in Christ’s love.

Heroes and overcomers: what a beautiful sight to the eyes of the weak and defeated. The story of David in the Bible was about how God used the purpose of an ordinary shepherd boy to help lead an entire nation toward freedom, from the grips of Goliath and the Philistines. David’s unlikely heroics revealed God’s greatness to his world, all because of David’s deep trust in God’s ability and willingness to do the impossible. Thus, the ripple effect of David overcoming Goliath, as well as David’s personal fears and doubts, has since become a catalyst for helping people who heard his story, experience spiritual inspiration and direction toward finding freedom from their personal “Goliaths”, known as adversity.

Just like David, God has given you and me daily personal “giants” to face. If we only have the faith and courage to overcome them, we can become a hero or heroine to our world sphere. Our recovery success stories can inspire those with similar problems; it can also lead them to the source of all freedom: the Trinity.

People watch us many days and many nights. When we overcome our personal giants, people see it. That is why God created us with a disability, etc. Our life becomes a testimony, either good or bad, to our personal world to see. (Whether or not we unconditionally love one another, which also gives hope, is also seen by others.)

God has given every human their personal “thorn in the flesh”. It may be an addiction, a disability, traumatic abuse experiences, etc. Whatever it may be, God wants to use you and your “thorn in the flesh” to prove to the world: “all things are possible if a person believes” in Him. Only when people realize their need for Him, and see His remarkable power and deliverance in the lives of others, and believe in it, will those with troubles seek God.

Robert Michael Hensel was born with spina bifida. According to Wikipedia, he holds the Guiness World Record for the longest non-stop wheelie in a wheelchair, covering a total distances of 6.178 miles. One day he said, “Placing on foot in front of the other, I’ve climbed to higher lengths. Reaching beyond my own limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle to hard, for this warrior to overcome. I’m just a man on a mission, to prove my disability hasn’t won.”

“Limitations only go so far.” – this is both the message of Robert M. Hensel, and the truth of what we can do through Christ. God has created each of us with a purpose, and the power to achieve it. He has designed you and me perfectly to achieve that God-given dream, and each trial in the process, God has a beneficial reason for – often to build our character (to make us ready for the next phase of our mission), as well as showcasing what we can do through Christ to the world around us. In doing all this, God – who controls time – promises “He will never leave nor forsake us”, “all things work together for our good and for our purchase”, that “God will never give us a trial we cannot handle through Him”, and that “all we suffer through is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.” We just need the courage to believe all this.

Having a disability doesn’t make us different that those without one. Aimee Mullins once said, “I think that everyone has something about themselves that they feel is their weakness. . . their disability. And I’m certain we all have one, because I think of a disability as being anything which undermines our confidence in our own abilities.”

“Disability is a matter of perception, If you can do just one thing, you’re need by someone.” (Martina Natratilova). The Bible talks about how the church body is like the human body, with each body part having its own unique purpose and function to perform. In the analogy, the eye is just as important as the ear, and the ear is just as important as the foot or hand. Without these body parts, the human body cannot function properly. As Albert Einstein once stated, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

There is not one insignificant person in the world as we are all a special creation by the Creator of the Universe. God loves His children equally as He plays no favorites. It’s not what we do, that makes us special, but whose we are. God loves you and me so much that He had His Son murdered on the cross, just for the opportunity to experience an intimate love relationship with us.

There will be a day in heaven where there would be no sorrows, no shame or pain, and no disabilities. So for those who are God’s child, there is an eternal hope for you, as you will be rewarded the crown of life for all our sufferings, So don’t lose hope today, for someday there will be no weeping!

Talking to the unsaved, because of your sins, you will not experience true joy and happiness in the afterlife. What you experience now, is the best you will get. To avoid hell and to experience paradise in heaven, please click on the Plan of Salvation hyperlink above to learn how to become a child of God.

Listen to this inspirational song, related to the theme of this chapter:

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