Movie Idea

Movie Idea for Screenwriters

I got a movie idea: mental illness recovery story.

Trying to brainstorm an idea for your next film project? What about a faith-based, mental illness / child abuse recovery story?

With the recent mass killings in this nation, mental illness is popular in the news today as many killers have a mental illness. For the safety of Americans, and for the mental health of the mentally ill, violent or not, I strongly believe an inspirational mental illness-related movie could be both greatly needed and in high demand, to address mental illness issues. Thus, I suggest a mental illness movie, possibly faith-based, should be produced.

This video includes my personal mental illness / child abuse recovery story which may generate ideas for a movie. If a screenwriter chooses not to use any of my story, that’s fine. What’s more important is that a quality, faith-based, mental illness movie transforms lives. However, watching my video and viewing my below website, may present ideas for writers. 


The objective of this page is to give ideas for faith-based screenwriters to create a faith-based screenplay that gives glory to God and helps people, not for me to get glory. I don’t seek any credit for anything made, I just want to give an opportunity for my story to be used to help people as much as possible. I don’t care if my story is used at all, I just want to give ideas for potential faith-based screenwriters can use to create their own personal work. I do think, though, focusing upon the mental illness sector is important, and also using themes discussed in the video. What is most important is the potentially lives that faith-based screenplays can transform.

If any is interested in reading more of my story, please read chapters 1-20 of this website. Also, if any prospective screenwriter would like to read a synopsis of my movie idea, please email me and I will email you back a copy. Anyone is free to use this synopsis as they please, including making any desired changes to it, in writing their own personal unique screenplay.