My abuse story is not just one of overcoming and recovery, but also, one of forgiveness and change.

My stepfather, in his early years, was “bad”; however, as time passed on, “bad” gradually evolved into a past tense. Yes, he still isn’t perfect – but who is, except for Jesus?

In the last few years, I see a man with regrets who strives to rectify the past with me; a person who sacrifices, an individual with good intentions, who seeks to do the right thing. Christ and medicine has changed his life for the better, and forgiveness from God, and possibly, also me, has set my stepfather free.

Not one of us is perfect – we all have darkened closets, that we hide from others.  We daily face problems, we have our own vices, and we have the capacity to do evil – thank God, Jesus died, to give those seeking redemption, a life anew.

We are all sinners – we all come short of the glory of God. However, in spite of our worst deeds, God wants to use the cross to give egregious people another chance, and the Holy Spirit inside us (the Christian) to mold us “diamonds in the rough” into a “beautiful diamond”.

In spite of all our mistakes and faults, God still has a perfect plan for you, my stepfather, and me. We just need the courage to believe in it, and the surrendering heart to allow it happen.

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