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  • Here is a list of my projects I have done.


My Personal Website

  • Articles I wrote include: 
  1. In Need of A Love Relationship (from personal web site)
  2. Chasing  Dreams Amidst Your Personal Nightmares (from personal web site)
  3. Finding Success In An Unfair World (from personal web site)
  4. God, Please Help Me Overcome My OCD
  5. God And I Always Greater Than OCD
  6. Building Brick House Families
  7. We Are To Be Courageous
  8. Love Stronger Than Any Rejection Or Mental Illness
  9. Lets Follow In The Footsteps of Abraham Lincoln
  10. Houses of Retribution
  11. The Boxer Within Us
  12. Visionary Freedom
  13. For Joy We Climb
  14. Seeking Love In All The Wrong Places
  15. In Search Of A Better Tomorrow
  16. In Need Of The Truth
  17. Finding Victory From A Mental Illness
  • Personal Projects Done for:
  1. Metro Jackson
  2. Cascades Baptist Church
  3. Together We Can Make A Difference


  • Favorite Teams
  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Boston Celtics
  3. Boston Red Sox
  4. Detroit Red Wings


  • Favorite Bands
  1. Casting Crowns
  2. Third Day
  3. Fireflight
  4. Tenth Avenue North
  5. Garth Brooks



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