Online YouTube Videos: Hyperlinks To Sermons By Various Preachers

Bruce Wilkinson

You Were Born For This – Bruce Wilkinson – Special Message

Enlarging Your Coast – Bruce Wilkinson

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson: The Power of Forgiveness with Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk | 7/24/2020

70X7 Session 6: How God Can Forgive Anyone for Anything? | Bruce Wilkinson

70X7 Session 7: What Happens When You Don’t Forgive Yourself | Bruce Wilkinson

70X7 Session 8: Steps to Forgive Yourself | Bruce Wilkinson

Barre SDA Sermons “Stating The Obvious” Pastor Bruce Wilkinson 11-21-20

Jesus Wants To Reward You – Bruce Wilkinson – Truth Matters Snippets

The 7 Laws of the Learner 1 The Learner 1

The 7 Laws of the Learner 1 The Learner 2

Nicole Unice

God With Us | Part 1 – In The Valley with Nicole Unice

Five Minute Devotional – Ephesians 6

Five Minute Sermon on Ephesians 3

Five Minute Sermon – Ephesians 5

The Way | Giving Back | Nicole Unice

How to Understand the Bible

The Alive Method: Psalm 119

Why Do You Hear God? — Hearing God Pt. 1

Uniting Our Physical and Spiritual Lives | Sermon by Nicole Unice

How to Build Healthy Relationships | Sermon by Pastor Nicole Unice

Elizabeth George

A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George

Gracious Habits – Elizabeth George

Imitators of God – Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George | The Punishment She Deserves: A Lynley Novel

Elizabeth George: Mom in 3D

A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George

A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George

Vince Miller

Vince Miller – Defeating Repetitive Sin

Tests of Men with Real Conviction | James 1 — A Bible Study & Teaching for Men

Vince Miller – The Mentoring Mandate

The Conviction of Scripture

Accountability | The 20 Minute Bible Study

Purpose | The 20-Minute Bible Study

Fatherless | Vince Miller | 6.16.19

Developing A Vision For Men’s Ministry In The Church

When to Stand Up and When to Stand Down | Ephesians 6

Two Imperatives For Men Who Lead | 1 Peter 5 | Bible Study for Men

Max Lucado

Anxious for Nothing Session 1 Rejoice in the Lord Always

Anxious for Nothing Session 2

Anxious for Nothing Session 3

Anxious for Nothing Session 4

Anxious for Nothing Session 5

Margaret Feinberg

Pursuing God’s Love Group Bible Study by Margaret Feinberg

Fight Back with Joy with Margaret Feinberg Part 1

Margaret Feinberg on “Defiant Joy”

Fight Back with Joy with Margaret Feinberg, Part 2

Margaret Feinberg: Rejoice When It Makes No Sense (James Robison / LIFE Today)

Tony Evans

Time to Grow Up – Divine Reset | Tony Evans Sermon

Victory Because of the Cross | Sermon by Tony Evans

Trusting God | A Sermon by Tony Evans

Trusting God in a Storm – Tony Evans Sermon

Unapologetic – Divine Reset | Tony Evans Sermon

The Protection of Prayer | Tony Evans Sermon

The Purpose of Prayer | Tony Evans Sermon

Encountering the Power of God | Tony Evans Sermon

Reversing Anxiety Consequences | Tony Evans Sermon

Reversing Irreversible Consequences | Tony Evans Sermon

Anita Keagy

The Joy of Seeking God First | Episode 4 | Setting Your Heart | Anita Keagy

The Joy of Seeking God First | Episode 1 | Seeking God First | Anita Keagy

The Joy of Seeking God First | Episode 5 | Natural Rewards | Anita Keagy

The Joy of Seeking God First | Episode 3 | Key Principles: Part 2 | Anita Keagy

The Joy of Seeking God First | Episode 2 | Key Principles: Part 1 | Anita Keagy

Tabor College Chapel 2020.3.11 – Anita Keagy

Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell: Apologetics and the Next Generation

Did John the Apostle Actually Die As A Martyr?

Special Message – Passing on Your Faith to the next Generation – Sean McDowell

Learn Where You Came From with Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell talks on Morality Based on Truth, Momentum Youth Conference 2019

Sean McDowell On Defending the Bible, Momentum Youth Conference 2019

The 3 Myths of Pornography – Sean McDowell Speaking at Momentum Youth Conference

The Apostle Paul Died A Martyr. Here’s The Evidence.

Sean McDowell: The Case for Marriage

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear – You Will Do Well to Pay Attention – 2 Peter 1:12-21

JD Greear – Fearing Jesus Leads to Trusting Jesus – Mark 4:35-41

How Ordinary People Change the World | Pastor J.D. Greear

Easter with J.D. Greear | Official Trailer | RightNow Media 2021

J.D. Greear – Not God Enough – Job 38-42

J.D. Greear – When the Strong Become Weak – Judges 14

J.D. Greear – Worth It – Colossians 1:24–29

Dr. J.D. Greear – OBU Chapel Message – Oct. 21, 2020

J.D. Greear – God as Trinity – GO Conference 2019

J.D. Greear: Work and the Great Commission

Eric Mason

Decisions, Planning & The Will of God | Dr. Eric Mason

UNDEFEATED | Fighting Discouragement | Dr. Eric Mason

God & Politics | Dr. Eric Mason

Breaking Free from Strongholds | Dr. Eric Mason | James River Church

Lord, I Need Some Peace | Dr.Eric Mason

Overcoming Sexual Strongholds – February 28th, 2021

CANCEL CULTURE | A Biblical Case for Reparations | Dr.Eric Mason

ORDER IN THE CHURCH | How to Remain Healthy in a Dysfunctional Environment | Dr. Eric Mason

The Soul Checkup | Dr. Eric Mason

Eric Mason – Seeing Through the Lens of the End – Revelation 7:9-14

Kyle Idleman

Complacent to Committed | UNLEASHED | Kyle Idleman

Faith or Fear | THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT–A STUDY OF ROMANS | Kyle Idleman

Overthinking to Overcoming | NO MATTER WHAT COMES THROUGH THOSE DOORS | Kyle Idleman

Picked Up and Never Put Down | BE THE BRANCH | Kyle Idleman


12 Stones | STRENGTH AND COURAGE | Kyle Idleman | 03.21.21

Broken to Be Whole | THE INSIDE-OUT WAY OF JESUS | Kyle Idleman

Two Against Ten | STRENGTH AND COURAGE | Kyle Idleman | 03.07.21

One Day At A Time | One At A Time | Kyle Idleman

Matt Chandler

A Good Death – Easter Service – Sermons – Matt Chandler

Revelation: Introduction – Week 1 – Sermons – Matt Chandler

Revelation: Victory in Doubt – Week 2 – Sermons – Matt Chandler

A Foundation of Prayer – Sermons – Matt Chandler

Sermons – Matt Chandler – Love and Knowledge of Self

Sermons – Matt Chandler – A Home in Jesus

Sermons – Matt Chandler – Biblically Serious

Revelation: Cosmic Battle – Week 6 – Sermons – Matt Chandler

Revelation: Earthly Battle – Week 7 – Sermons – Matt Chandler


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