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Online Nazarene sermon about grace

Online Nazarene sermon about grace, titled : The Curtain Has Been Torn

by Pastor Phil Stout of JAXNAZ church

Below is an hyperlink to a Phil Stout sermon. He is a Nazarene minister. The message is about the greatness and impact of God’s choices of His grace to His children

Online Christian Sermons

Online Christian Sermons from Pastor Phil Stout

This site deals with Christian sermons, from Jackson First Church Of Nazarene. The current series, which can be heard online by clicking on the below link, is “Be Still.”

Online Nazarene church sermons

Online Nazarene church sermons

“The Naked Baby – Nothing to Hide” sermon

Below this paragraph is a hyperlink to a grouping of sermons of Pastor Phil Stout of JAXNAZ Church, you can listen to, online. I like “The Naked Baby – Nothing to Hide” sermon best.  Enjoy!

Church Sermons by Pastor Phil Stout

    Church Sermons by Pastor Phil Stout, Nazarene Church

Listing of Some Church Sermons by Phil Stout

    Filled, and Filled Again, September 4, 2016
    No Reputation, August 31, 2016
    Stooping Low to be Lifted High, August 28, 2016
    New Every Morning, August 24, 2016
    Finding God in the Darkness, August 21, 2016
    Simplicity of Heart, August 17, 2016

    “Click Here”, down below, is a link to a series of messages by Pastor Phil Stout, lead pastor of the Jackson First Church of the Nazarene, Jackson, Michigan:

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