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Christian Articles Hyperlinks

Below are Christian Articles Hyperlinks to Christian articles found on the Internet, by various subjects.

Hearing the Voice of God





Mental Illness

Self Esteem



Surrender To God

Intimacy With God

Quiet Time With God

Setting Christ-centered Goals

Dealing With Suffering

Waiting On God

Seeking Wisdom From God

Dealing With Temptation


Fruit Of The Spirit

Armor Of God


Mental Health

“God Is Not Mad At You” Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks Related to the Subject “God Is Not Mad At You” (based upon Joyce Meyers book).

  • “God Is Not Mad At You”


  • Getting Rid of Performance Mentality


  • Perfectionism


  • Perfectionism, Anger, Anxiety Disorders


  • Influences Parents Have On Children


  • Handling Rejection


  • Guilt And Shame


  • Be Who God Created You To Be


  • Realizing Your Potential


  • God’s Mercy Is Greater Than His Anger To His Children


  • God’s Grace Can Never Be Earned


  • Getting Comfortable With God


  • Spiritual Growth


  • Do You Struggle To Believe God Loves You?




Apologetics Hyperlinks

Apologetics Hyperlinks


Proof That God Exists

Bible Manuscripts


Archaeology in the Old Testament


Archaeology in the New Testament


The Science Argument


Prophecy Probability


The Cosmological Argument


The Teleological (Design) Argument


The Moral Argument


The Sociological/Psychological Argument





Christ’s Impact Upon World

Christ’s Impact Upon World


Deity of Christ

Deity of Christ


Prophecies of Christ

Prophecies Of Christ


Christ’s Resurrection

Significance of the Resurrection


Case for the Resurrection


More Bible Studies for Skeptics, Seekers, and Believers



Christian Articles And Websites Related To Depression

Christian Articles And Websites Related To Depression
















  • Christian help for Depression, free teaching with video’s for Christians tormented by depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, suicidal thoughts, trauma, eating disorders, anger / rage and cutting.








Answers To Common Spiritual Growth Questions

Answers To Common Spiritual Growth Questions

(found at “”).


On the left side of this page are questions about God and human life that are predominant in society today. If you find a topic that interests you, please click on the corresponding hyperlink to go to that website to read about the particular subject. Enjoy reading!


Does God get angry?

What does it mean to backslide?

What does it mean to be in Christ?

Does God answer prayers?

Does God know the future?

Does God have emotions?

Does God have favorites?

What does it mean to train up a child in the way he should go?

Does a person have to attend church to go to heaven?

What does the Bible say about going into debt?

Why does God create people when He knows they are going to go to hell?

Does God love Satan?

Does God love me?

Why does God love us?

What does it mean to love God?

What does it mean that God is love?

If God is love, why does He condemn homosexuality?

Is there a God?

Why is God a jealous God?

Is God cruel?

What does the Bible say about suffering?

Why does God allow the innocent to suffer?

Is suffering for Christ always going to be a part of being a follower of Christ?

Why did Jesus have to experience so much suffering?

Will the Holy Spirit ever leave a believer?

Why is every sin ultimately a sin against God?

If I am saved and all of my sins are forgiven, why not continue to sin?

How can I overcome sin in my Christian life?

How does my personal, private sin affect others?

How can I learn to hate my own sin?

If I do not forgive others, does that mean my sins are not forgiven? What does Matthew 6:14-15 mean?

Why do we need to confess our sins if they have already been forgiven (1 John 1:9)?

What is the Christian’s hope?

What is the blessed hope?

What does it mean that Christ in us is the hope of glory?

What does the Bible say about hope?

How do I choose a good Christian counselor/therapist?

How is prayer communicating with God?

How are we to submit to God?

How is God our refuge?

How do I get right with God?

How do I get a passion for Jesus?

How do I get the image of God as imposing and angry out of my mind?

What is the favor of God, and how can I get it?

How can I get a clear conscience?

How can I get to know God better?

What is the Golden Rule?

Is there any sin that God will not forgive?

Are there any conditions to answered prayer?

Is there any power in positive thinking?

What does the Bible say about selfishness?

How can I find joy in the midst of trials?

How can I experience joy in my Christian life?

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – What is joy?

How can I overcome temptation?

How can I overcome resistance to change?

How can I overcome spiritual apathy?

How can I overcome having a critical spirit?

How do I live my life for God?

How can I live a holy life?

How do I convert to Christianity?

Why is making disciples important?

Why is praying for others important?

Why do people die?

Is Heaven real?

Will there be marriage in heaven?

Will there be tears in heaven?

Where is heaven? What is the location of heaven?

Will there be sex in heaven?

Can a Christian lose salvation?

Why does God send people to hell?

What does the Bible say about depression? How can a Christian overcome depression?

What does the Bible say about Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression?

Why does God allow people to be disabled / handicapped?

Do mentally ill people go to heaven? Does God show mercy to those who are mentally challenged, disabled, or handicapped?

How can a Christian overcome social anxiety? 

How should a Christian view Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?



These are just a few of the seemingly countless questions and answers that GOTQUESTIONS.ORG has in their website database for its web viewers to study. Law of averages suggest there should be something beneficial for you to read.

So take a further look and type in a query in their query box and learn more about God and life. God bless as I wish blessings in the midst of your spiritual journey.



Proof God Exists Articles Hyperlinks

Christian Resource Page

“Proof God Exists” Articles (etc.) Hyperlinks


This post provides hyperlinks to Internet articles, and also a you tube video, located on the world wide web, on the subject of “proof that God exists”. Read the title on the left below, and click on the hyperlink on the right to go to that site. Enjoy reading!







Some “Proof God Exists” Articles Found On The Internet:



“There is no proof that God exists.”

Proof that God exists.

QUESTION: Is there any proof that God exists?

Does God exist? Is there evidence for the existence of God?

Scientific Proof that God Exists

Scientists accidentally discovered MORE proof for God’s existence when they ran this experiment.

Arguments why God (very probably) exists.

Does God exist?

Are You There God?: 5 Ways to Prove God Exists

20 Arguments For God’s Existence

Life’s Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?

Changed Lives Are Solid Evidence God Exists

Evidence For God’s Existence

Cause and Effect—Scientific Proof that God Exists

The Existence of God – Logically Proven!

Scientists use mathematical calculations to PROVE the existence of God.

Does the human eye prove that God exists?

Respected Scientist Says He Found Proof God Exists.

Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God


Self Control Christian Articles Hyperlinks

Self Control Christian Articles Hyperlinks


Below are hyperlinks to world wide web Christian articles on the subject of “self-control”:


Self-Control and the Power of Christ.

The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: Self-Control.

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – What is self-control?

Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control.

No Christianity Without Self-Control.

Christian Self-Control in an Age of Dissipation

Control Yourself!  Bible study on self-control.

Self-Control (Galatians 5:23).

How to Change Yourself: A Bible Pattern for Self-Help and Self-Improvement.

Got Self-Control?

Self-control: 6 practical steps to the toughest sign of spiritual maturity.

A Bible Study On Self-Control.


Teaching Values: Self–Control.

Bible Verses About Self Control.



Various Christian Websites (11/26/2017)

Various Christian Websites


Below are hyperlinks to various Christian websites, available for your perusal and or study:


Is God cruel?

Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of Christ.

Dependency Upon God.

Steps to Spiritual Maturity: How We Grow up in Christ.

Seven Steps to Spiritual Growth.

10 Ways to Grow Spiritually – Breaking the Complacency Habit.

How to Trust God when Life Is Hard.

Ten Steps to Restore Your Marriage.

What does it mean that God is love?

What is the love of Christ?

Why does God love us?

What does it mean to love God?

What does “perfect love casts out fear” mean?

7 Ways To Please God.






Below are hyperlinks to you tube videos and Internet articles on the subject of “religious OCD”, also known as scrupulosity:



Severe Scrupulosity.

Scrupulosity: The Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous.

OCD Treatment: How to stop the thoughts!

Help For Religious OCD Scrupulosity! Gods Grace Is Sufficient For YOU! No Triggers!


Scrupulosity. Written by  Steven J. Seay, Ph.D.

Religious Obsessions in OCD. Written by Ghazel Tellawi, M.A.

God Forbid​. Written by Steven J. Phillipson, Ph.D.

Understanding Scrupulosity: Psychopathological and Catholic Perspectives.  Written by Katherine Fohn Cobb, University of Iowa.

 6 Tools for the Scrupulous. Written by Jimmy Akin, NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER.

What is scrupulosity, and how can it be overcome? Written by

Scrupulosity: Blackmailed by OCD in the Name of God. Written by Laurie Krauth.

Managing scrupulosity OCD: Know how to live a healthy religious life.  Written by Dr. Jonathan Schwartz PsyD.

Scrupulosity: Where OCD Meets Religion, Faith, and Belief.   Written by the OCD Center of Los Angeles.

SCRUPULOSITY. Written by International OCD Foundation.

When you Cannot Stop Bad Thoughts: Scrupulosity Testimony.  Written by Michael.

Scrupulosity. Written by OCD DAVE.

Scrupulosity: What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous. Written by Therese J. Borchard.



Identity in Christ Resources Page

Identity In Christ  Resources Page


Articles:   (“Four Ways Our Identity in Christ Changes Our Lives”, written by Sarah Walton).   (“Identity in Christ.”).   (“Have You Found The Life You Wanted?” article).




You Tube Videos:   (titled, “Identity In Christ”).  (titled, “Our Identity in Christ”).   (titled, “Identity in Christ SPOKEN WORD”).




Spiritual Warfare Bible Study

Spiritual Warfare Bible Study

Below is a hyperlink leading to a site which discusses spiritual warfare.