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Various Christian Websites (11/26/2017)

Various Christian Websites


Below are hyperlinks to various Christian websites, available for your perusal and or study:


Is God cruel?

Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of Christ.

Dependency Upon God.

Steps to Spiritual Maturity: How We Grow up in Christ.

Seven Steps to Spiritual Growth.

10 Ways to Grow Spiritually – Breaking the Complacency Habit.

How to Trust God when Life Is Hard.

Ten Steps to Restore Your Marriage.

What does it mean that God is love?

What is the love of Christ?

Why does God love us?

What does it mean to love God?

What does “perfect love casts out fear” mean?

7 Ways To Please God.






Below are hyperlinks to you tube videos and Internet articles on the subject of “religious OCD”, also known as scrupulosity:



Severe Scrupulosity.

Scrupulosity: The Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous.

OCD Treatment: How to stop the thoughts!

Help For Religious OCD Scrupulosity! Gods Grace Is Sufficient For YOU! No Triggers!


Scrupulosity. Written by  Steven J. Seay, Ph.D.

Religious Obsessions in OCD. Written by Ghazel Tellawi, M.A.

God Forbid​. Written by Steven J. Phillipson, Ph.D.

Understanding Scrupulosity: Psychopathological and Catholic Perspectives.  Written by Katherine Fohn Cobb, University of Iowa.

 6 Tools for the Scrupulous. Written by Jimmy Akin, NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER.

What is scrupulosity, and how can it be overcome? Written by

Scrupulosity: Blackmailed by OCD in the Name of God. Written by Laurie Krauth.

Managing scrupulosity OCD: Know how to live a healthy religious life.  Written by Dr. Jonathan Schwartz PsyD.

Scrupulosity: Where OCD Meets Religion, Faith, and Belief.   Written by the OCD Center of Los Angeles.

SCRUPULOSITY. Written by International OCD Foundation.

When you Cannot Stop Bad Thoughts: Scrupulosity Testimony.  Written by Michael.

Scrupulosity. Written by OCD DAVE.

Scrupulosity: What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous. Written by Therese J. Borchard.